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Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We encourage You for cooperation. Earn easily, and we can help You with this. Our service offers not only a comfortable exchange, but also a referral program that will bring You constant profit.

Frequently asked questions
? How long time it's take for the exchange?
Dear customer! The rate of exchange of service is a maximum of 25 minutes, the time starts from the date of payment of the application. But for the wire transfers and SEPA it can takes up to 3 days (usually 1-2 days).
? Where I can get Bitcoin address?
Length Bitcoin ID is 27 to 34 different characters and always start on a unit or three. Create a wallet can be on the website BlockChain
? How long it takes for Bitcoin transaction confirmation?
We confirmed payments after 3 confirmations on the network. If stated the actual Commission of the miner that the average time is 25-30 minutes.
? Do I need to register in the exchange?
In our exchange service we provide the function of automatic registration during the first exchange. After the exchange, the e-mail will be sent to You with a login information.
? Can I cancel a bitcoin transaction?
Unfortunately not. All transactions of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, cannot be cancelled. Double check the wallet address You use when You make a transaction.
? How to create an order?
Create an order quickly and easily! Only 3 steps. 1st - choose what currency You want to exchange, 2nd - Fill the billing information, 3rd - make the payment. After that, the exchange will be completed.
? Is it legal to exchange cryptocurrencies?
Yes. In most countries it's legal. In Belarus, for example, you even don't need to pay any taxes from cryptocurrencies income. (Even after you exchange it to fiat). Without any limits.
? Do I have to pay taxes?
It depends on your country. We don't give any information about our clients. In Belarus. for example, it's legal not to pay any taxes from cryptocurrencies income. Until January 1, 2023 are not required to pay taxes on income received from the sale of cryptocurrency, and also to submit declarations on such income. This is the official response of taxes department with reference to Decree N8.
? Do you work with companies?
Yes, but through our mother company in the EU.
? Why I can trust You?
We are the only service in Belarus, which has a legal entity, website and reviews online. You can read about us under "Reviews". And about out company. We are authorised as exchange on Bestchange and many other famous platforms. We work with agreements, it's legal.
? Can I make transfers through You wallets for 3rd parties?
No. This is strictly prohibited. If you make a transfer to third parties, we have the right to refuse you an exchange. We also cannot help you with this. Using our service to replenish various sites on the darknet and prohibited products is also strictly prohibited. In the event of such cases, your account will be blocked, information about your actions can be sent to the competent authorities of Belarus.
? What is referral program?
Due to the exchange service is easy not only to make exchanges, but also to earn! A referral program is a special system that allows You to share information about our service with Your friends and colleagues. If one of them passed through Your affiliate link and made the trade, You get a Commission of 10% of our profit. This condition is valid for the duration of the operation of the service, i.e. all further exchanges of Your referral will earn You 10% of each transaction.
Thank you for using our service.
Always happy to help.