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Graph of bitcoin exchange rate
  • rate in dollars

The rate of bitcoin has a very high volatility, this means that the price of 1 bitcoin can grow 10 times, but may fall as much. The presence of corrections of course natural for any exchange-traded asset or currency - nothing grows in a straight line, but rather has the shape of zigzag or wave. Correction — it is always a good opportunity to buy at a low price, but in times of rapid surge of bitcoin, which already had a few, the correction can not wait...

Bitcoin exchange rate in U.S. dollars was in 2009, 6 cents, and in 2013, the 1 bitcoin in rubles 400 rubles. Current quotes can be viewed in the graphs above.

What is the reason for such rapid growth? The bitcoin offer is strictly limited — they can not be more than 21 million coins already mined more than 2/3 of this amount. But the limited availability of itself without the presence of demand does not guarantee stable growth. Here at bitcoin's all right, because he is more real use in our world — from remittances to saving the capital from the haircut of deposits, which creates a steady demand for this still young currency. The main feature and advantage of bitcoin is the absence of intermediaries, all transfers occur directly between users.