Внимание! Операции по картам VISA/MC совершаются только внутри Беларуси. Для направлений SEPA и SWIFT требуется верификация. Attention! VISA / MC card transactions are made only within Belarus cards. Verification is required for SEPA and SWIFT payments.

Buy bitcoin using ERIP

The main criterion which influences the choice of a particular payment system when buying or selling bitcoin – the security of financial transactions.

From March 28, 2018, under Decree No. 8 of the President of Belarus "On the development of the digital economy" in Belarus, all cryptocurrency transactions, including the purchase of Bitcoin have legitimate status. Thus, when buying bitcoin through the official payment system, residents of Belarus, as consumers of financial services automatically fall under the protection of the law "On protection of consumer rights". The buyer may only retain payment receipt, if necessary, to prove the cryptocurrency.

Since 2008 working in Belarus the automated information system of single settlement and information space ( ERIP). ERIP created by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus and is actually the national payment system comparable to the system of "Mir" in Russia, SEPA in EC or in Privat24 Ukraine.

The functionality of the payment system ERIP

The ERIP combines more than 55 thousand of services from public enterprises and institutions, from commercial companies and individual entrepreneurs. Payments system accepted in cashless form via Internet banking and mobile banking, and cash through the cash Desk of banks, payment terminals and ATM.

Through ERIP you can pay for utilities organizations of housing and communal services, while charges for payments will not be charged. The same payments are available for purchases in online stores, when the payment of tuition in high schools and Universities, when paying for services the state organizations of health, social services and others.

With the agreement of the Council of the nodes of the Belarusian banking system from 2017 AIS ERIP became the owner of the first of the nodes operating on blockchain technology. The transition to the technology of distributed data records allowed the largest Belarusian payment system to achieve the highest degree of protection of the financial operations of its clients and significantly expanded its functionality.

Since the explosive development of the blockchain technology and cryptorhynchus in ERIP the opportunity to purchase cryptocurrency. There is no need to repeat that the security of transactions when buying bitcoins is in the first place, and according to experts in the field of cybersecurity it in ERIP provided at the highest level.

To legally and safely buy bitcoins with ERIP possible for cash and cashless funds,

  1. To buy with cash through the ATM system, ATM, payment terminals and ATM terminals of the Bank.
  2. Buy bitcoin online through Internet banking and ATM kiosks with cashless means of payment cards and Bank accounts.

How to buy bitcoin for cash via the ATM terminal

Consider the simplest and most popular way of buying bitcoins is via ATM terminals that are connected to the payment system ERIP. 

  1. На сайте Bitok.me  необходимо сформировать заявку на покупку биткоинов, с указанием адреса криптокошелька, на который будут зачислены монеты.
  2. After the formation and confirmation of the application is to obtain the payment details. Note that the exchange rate is fixed for a certain period of time during which you need to pay.
  3. Through the terminal ATM terminal according to the obtained informed details to make payment and keep the payment receipt.
  4. On the website of an online exchanger to confirm a payment, click "I paid". At additional request to specify the ID of the payment. Then bitcoins will be credited on the details of crypto.

Important: payments through the ERIP are carried out instantly. The rate of enrolment of a particular cryptocurrency depends on the bandwidth of its network, but often does not exceed one hour.

How to buy bitcoins via the Internet Bank 

Buying bitcoins in the system of Internet Bank, you can perform from the comfort of home, which will significantly save time for the operation. With this method of purchase of cryptocurrency, the money will be debited from the settlement account or payment card. 

  1. На сайте Bitok.me необходимо сформировать заявку на покупку биткоинов, с указанием адреса криптокошелька, на который будут зачислены монеты.
  2. After logon Internet banking your Bank on the obtained details to generate and send a payment. Save online receipt of payment.
  3. Go to the merchant website and confirm the payment by pressing the "I paid". Cryptocurrency will be sent to specified when making a request to the address of crypto.

Important: the transaction can be tracked, for example, using Internet Explorer blockchain.com. In most cases, to enroll in the bitcoin crypto requires two confirmation network.



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