Внимание! Операции по картам VISA/MC совершаются только внутри Беларуси. Для направлений SEPA и SWIFT требуется верификация. Attention! VISA / MC card transactions are made only within Belarus cards. Verification is required for SEPA and SWIFT payments.

How to buy or sell bitcoin in Gomel

1. Make an Order

Buying cryptocurrencies in the Belarusian regions is more challenging than in the capital. We therefore decided to develop the service in the regional cities. If You require the input or the output of the cryptocurrency in Gomel, we are ready to help You.

For the purchase or sale of bitcoins in Gomel You'll need to leave the application on the home page.

Make an Order

The application should include the following information.

  • Specify what amount You want to buy or sell
  • Specify the currency You want to buy or sell and how to make a deal
  • Update Your email and phone number for rapid communication

  • When paying online, all payment information will be provided in the application that you create, automatically. Transactions in cash, we will contact You on the left contact information to discuss details.

    We accept applications from 9-21 in Minsk.

    2. Ways to buy and sell Bitcoin in Gomel

  • Cash
  • Bank payment
  • ERIP
  • SEPA
  • Visa/Mastercard

    Explain each method in more detail

    1. Buying and selling of Bitcoin for cash

    This method is the most popular and convenient for residents of large cities. All You need is to pre-apply and agree the date,time and place of the transaction.
    Our representative will arrive at the appointed place and conduct the required operations.

    2. Bank payment

    We accept and send Bank payments via the EU and Belarus. For the purchase or sale of Btcoin through a Bank You'll need to create a request and depending on the operation to make a payment.

    *The Commission for Bank transfer is paid by the client

    3. ERIP

    Payment system ERIP is very popular in Belarus and we could not include it in the list of possible exchanges. If You have an online Bank or infokiosk nearby, it's the perfect way to acquire the cryptocurrency. On our website there are detailed instructions how to buy bitcoin using ERIP When selling cryptocurrencies for ERIP, we need Your data for Deposit. Please specify all required information in the application and we will promptly top up Your account.

    4. SEPA

    For customers having Bank accounts in the countries of the European Union have the option of buying and selling crypto-currencies for EUR transfer via the payment system SEPA. This payment represents the normal Bank transfer and is completely analogous to the process of purchase/sale with Bank payment via SWIFT, as described in section 2 . The key difference in transaction speed and cheapness of this operation.

    5. Visa/MasterCard

    For payment Visa and Mastercard You can use Your online banking, ERIP or online services MT Bank and TUT.by When you work with maps You need to go through a simple identification because of increased risk of such operations. Payments on Your card occur through ERIP to save costs as with the direct transfer, the Bank takes a Commission of 1.5%.

  • 3. The Transfer Of Bitcoin

    And so, the application You paid for and we are ready to transfer You bitcoins.

    Previously, You create a Bitcoin wallet in and tell us his address. An example of an address wallet 32GWgJsnKwdS7tphdeKbkfFQgShnHNAtqz
    If You are not familiar with Bitcoin and plan to use these tools as a user with the function of sending and receiving, then the best option is to open an account in the system Blockchain.info This method does not require You to have specific knowledge and can be used on both PC and smartphone. Your wallet will always be with You. If the account has been created, You send us your wallet address and we complete it on the agreed amount. If Bitcoin downloaded (there is a lot of operations), the proof chain of transfer of funds may take several hours. Often the translation is confirmed within hours. The translation you see immediately after you send it. If You have any questions, we will be happy to help.